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December 2020: Status Update

· 2 min read

Hello all! Like I did last time, I thought I'd write up a quick summary of the current state of the bot. Due to certain global events the motivation to work as hard on the bot as I did previous has been a little less. I have still been able to keep up with the update, which thankfully wasn't a very intensive job, but some of the features I had planned for the bot unfortunately have fallen a little on the back burner for now.

I have been keeping up with and fixing multiple automatically reported issues with the bot, and some more are scheduled to be fixed very soon. This should resolve certain issues like events images sometimes not being displayed properly among other things.

To give you an estimate as to how many things has been fixed; there's been 5 critical fixes and over a dozen minor fixes, with a lot of translation improvements and corrections to boot. While this hasn't been what I originally planned for this month, I hope that at least allows you to continue to enjoy the bot.

As for the future, I plan on resuming regular updates as soon as possible. While I cannot set a concrete date as to when efforts are restored to normal, I hope to resume normal activities at the start of the new year at the very latest.

I would like you guys to know how much I appreciated the support over the last few months. I cannot say enough how much it means to me that this little bot has been so helpful to all of you. Thank you so much for helping the bot grow and continuing to support the bot both monetarily and otherwise (shout-out to the translations team!).

Again, thank you so much!