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New /posse Command

· 2 min read

Hey folks!

A new command was just added to the bot, /posse. After receiving feedback from users in the support Discord, a new customizable way to start lobbies is now available!

To create a posse right away, you can use /posse start. When using the command you'll notice 2 options: participants and backups. Participants allow you to customize the amount of players you're looking for (excluding you). Whether you're looking for a small posse (3 participants) or a large one (6 participants) or something else entirely, you can do so!

When your participants slot fill up, you might want people to be able to still queue up. To do this, you can enable backup participants! When enabled, participants can continue to sign up and be placed into a backups bracket. This way, if someone decides to leave or doesn't show up, you'll always have a list of alternatives if available!

After running the command, a popup will appear asking you to add an optional title and details to be able to inform potential participants better. They'll show up in the sign-up embed!

I hope you'll enjoy the new command, and remember, if you encounter issues, have feedback, want a new feature, or just want to chat, come visit the support server using!