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Free Roam Event Auto-Deletion

· One min read

Hey folks!

Yesterday a new setting was added to auto-delete old messages using /settings set boolean > Delete Old Messages. Just now the bot has been updated to also remove Free Roam Events.

The way this works is by deleting the older Free Roam Events that were posted in the channel as soon as a new one is posted. Because you might have a channel set up for specific Free Roam Events, it will always make sure that your filters are used. This means that old Free Roam Events will be deleted only when a new one is posted in that channel. If a Free Roam Event is not posted in that channel but is posted in another channel, the old Free Roam Event will not be touched in the first channel.

In other news:

  • Over 300 new /toast icons were added.
  • Various issues were fixed.