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February 2022: Bot Reverified

· One min read

Hey folks! This is just a quick bit of excellent news! The bot has successfully been verified yesterday and is available for the general public as of right now! You can add the bot either in-app by opening the bot's profile and clicking Add to Server or by heading to the dedicated invite link and following the instructions!

The bot being verified means that hopefully we can put the entire situation behind us. As Discord has been ridiculously uncooperative, it's unlikely the old bot will be coming back. As this is the case I will be focussing on this new verified account over the older one. Should I at some point get any reaction for Discord I will update you on the situation with the older bot (the one with the white letters R and D, and the red O).

Thank you so much for sticking with me through these times. As previously announced in the Discord, development on the next version of the bot has been resumed which will make use of Discord's newest features and prepare for the future. More info on this later.

Have a good one!