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RDO Compendium Migration

· 3 min read

Hey folks! The moment of the new version of the bot being released is here! The next major version of of the bot has been released.

During the migration period, we migrated all of your settings to the new version of the bot. However, some settings can't be completely migrated automatically. Here's a list of settings that were migrated automatically, ones that couldn't be automatically migrated and require some additional action, and some that have been deprecated and have not been migrated at all.


Unfortunately it is not possible to migrate your guild's Premium status to the next version of the bot. Therefor the bot will be asking you to re-activate your Premium status. To do this, follow the Premium activation instructions.


Again, if you don't re-activate Premium, you will not able to use the Premium benefits.


If for whatever reason you can't activate your guild, reach out to us either in the support channels or send us a DM.

Manual Migration

The following settings require you to run /settings fix in order to get them working correctly again:


If you don't run /settings fix, the bot will not send out messages for the ping settings. To ensure everything is working fine, set the test option to True to get a test confirmation message.

Current SettingNew Setting
cyclesCollector Cycles
dailyDaily Challenges
eventsFree Roam Events
nazarMadam Nazar
newsNewswire Articles
patchesPatch Notes
statusRockstar Service Status
weeklyWeekly Collectible Requests

Deprecated Settings

The following settings have not been migrated as they have been deprecated by the new version of the bot:

prefixCommands start with / now.
adminRoleThe bot now checks whether you have the Administrator permission.
forceLanguageOnly the Language setting is used for determining language.
removeCommandsCommand inputs can't be automatically removed anymore.
showCreditLinksYou can now disable the /credits commands using command permissions.
showSuggestionsAll suggestions are now contained in the chat bar.

Automatic Migration

The following settings have been migrated automatically and shouldn't require any attention on your part:

Current SettingNew Setting
colorizeToastIconColorize Toast Icons
embedColorEmbed Color
preferImagePrefer Images
showCommunitiesShow Communities
showProvidersShow Providers
toastColorToast Color