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Starting out, the bot may seem a bit intimidating to you. However, fret not since this page will help you to get started with the bot by explaining the different commands, and giving you tips and tricks on finding whatever it is you want to find within Red Dead Redemption 2 and Red Dead Online.

Commands are how you control the bot. If you type /help in a channel the bot is in, it will reply to you with a list of all commands available within the bot for example. Some commands may require you to provide more information, such as the /find command, which is used by typing /find bear to search for a bear, for example.

If you ever get stuck, feel free to reach out on the bot's Discord server for additional support.


These are the commands that let you find in-game content that's available in the game.

/cyclesDisplays today's Collectible cycles
/dailyDisplays today's Daily Challenges
/events listDisplays a list of upcoming Free Roam Events
/events nextDisplays the next Free Roam Event and when it'll start
/events scheduleDisplays a full schedule of Free Roam Events
/findDisplays information about anything in the Compendium
/listDisplays a list of Compendium items in a category
/nazarDisplays Madam Nazar's current location
/ranksDisplays the unlocks for certain ranks
/timesDisplays various in-game times and timers
/traderDisplays Trader information based on your amount of Goods
/weeklyDisplays this week's Weekly Collectible Request


These commands find information about the game that is not within the game.

/benefitsDisplays the latest in-game benefits from Social Club
/lastDisplays the amount of days passed since the last update
/liveDisplays the latest live events from Social Club
/newsDisplays the latest news from Newswire
/patchesDisplays the latest game patch article from Rockstar Support
/photosDisplays top-liked Social Club photos from the last 7 days
/statusDisplays the current Service Status from Rockstar Support
/tunablesDisplays the current tunables


These commands are additional functionality reserved for Patrons.

/audioSends a random audio clip from the game
/feedGenerates an RDO-styled feed
Feed example
/loadingSends a random loading screen from the game
/locationGenerates an RDO-styled location card
Location example
/titleGenerates an RDO-styled title
Title example
/toastGenerates an RDO-styled toast
Toast example


These commands are mostly commands that are used to find information about the bot.

/bot notificationsDisplays notifications related to RDO Compendium (English only)
/bot updatesDisplays the most recent changes to RDO Compendium (English only)
/creditsDisplays the different people that made general contributions to the bot
/delivery closeCloses your created Trader delivery
/delivery lockLocks your created Trader delivery
/delivery startStarts a Trader delivery
/feedbackSend feedback or a bug report to the developers
/helpDisplays help for the available commands
/linksDisplays links to useful community resources
/posse closeCloses your created posse
/posse lockLocks your created posse
/posse startStarts a posse
/supportDisplays information about supporting the bot


To learn more about /settings command, please visit the settings guide.