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RDO Compendium is available in multiple languages. Thanks to the help of the translators, the bot is available in quite a few languages. To change the language of the bot for your server, you are able to use the /settings command to change the language. To do so, you can use /settings set language with any one of the available languages.

Once the language has been set, the bot will automatically reply to commands in the language you have set. For example, if you set the language to English, the bot will reply in English when you use /help.

In certain circumstances, you may encounter content that's not been translated. This can have one of multiple causes:

  • The content is not yet translated into the language you have set;
  • The content is from an external source such as a news article of a notification, or;
  • The content is sent in a direct message.
Want to help out?

If you notice content that's not been translated yet, consider visiting the translation page to help translate it.

To see a list of available languages included in the bot, use the /settings set language command or visit the translator credits page. If you do decide to help translate the bot, all you'll need is to create a Crowdin account and you're set! Thank you so much for being interested in translating the bot!